Satellite Remote Monitoring
- Cathodic Protection
- Compliance Reporting
- Real-Time Alarms
- Global Remote Access

Genesys Instrumentation

At Genesys Instrumentation, we are revolutionizing how
Cathodic Protection is monitored.

In fact, we have built the world's most advanced
Satellite Remote Monitoring System.

Our patent-pending Cathodic Integrity Monitor (CIM) provides instrumentation-quality measurements with high resolution and extreme accuracy. Built to withstand harsh conditions in the most remote locations, the CIM delivers an enhanced level of intelligent real-time analysis that is simply unavailable from any other system.

Deployed with our exclusive Online System Profiler, our complete Satellite Remote Monitoring System provides the tools you need to proactively respond to cathodic disruptions before they turn into problems.

Your Cathodic Protection System is critical to your business' success. Join the revolution. Call us today!

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Overview of Cathodic Integrity Monitor


Data Sheet: Cathodic Integrity Monitor

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