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What Is Cathodic Protection?

Cathodic Protection (CP) is a method of reducing the corrosion rate of metallic or constructed objects by applying an electric charge to the object.

CP is a common mechanism used for preventing corrosion in pipelines submerged in soil, water, or concrete. It can also be applied to many other applications, such as above-ground storage tanks, docks and piers, bridges, and parking garages.

What Is Cathodic Protection Monitoring?

Cathodic Protection Monitoring is a system for ensuring that the CP mechanism is operating properly.

Federal regulations actually require that a physical measurement of the CP components be taken at least once every 60 days. Historically, this has been done manually, by a human, by taking physical measurements at regular intervals along the pipeline or other object utilizing CP.

Genesys Instrumentation is in the business of making CP Monitoring more efficient by automating the process and allowing continuous monitoring of devices anywhere on the globe.

Links and Resources about Cathodic Protection

NACE International is the world's largest organization committed to the study of corrosion. They have some outstanding online resources relating to corrosion prevention, including many types and uses of cathodic protection.

NACE also publishes many standards and best practices documents. These documents can be purchased directly from NACE from their online store (click here) and are available for free to existing NACE members (click here).

- The company that provides our satellite communication services. - A site managed by Delano P Wegener, Ph.D., a prominent researcher on the topic of Cathodic Protection.

Codes of Federal Regulations

The US Government has many laws regulating the construction, use, and maintenance of pipelines. These are described in CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) documents, which can be obtained online from the GPO Access web site.

Below are quick links to a few key CFR documents. Each of these are PDF documents and can be viewed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Transportation of Natural and Other Gas By Pipeline - The main CFR covering pipelines (document 49CFR192 Oct-2005, 847KB).

Pipeline Corrosion Control - CFR Sub-part that covers corrosion control of pipelines (document 49CFR192 Sub-part I, Oct-2005, 67KB).


Data Sheet: Cathodic Integrity Monitor

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