Satellite Remote Monitoring
- Cathodic Protection
- Compliance Reporting
- Real-Time Alarms
- Global Remote Access

Physical Features

Case/Enclosure -- The CIM electronics and wiring terminals are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure. Installation mounting of the CIM may vary applicable to specific site as required.

Surge protection -- To provide additional reliability, the CIM incorporates multiple levels of surge protection on each of its Signal input connections. For further protection, the CIM uses relays to disconnect itself from the pipe between readings.

Self-powered -- The CIM unit is designed to operate from its own internal battery power system - a high-reliability ‘gel cell’ battery. Built in Solar Recharging reduces the threat of theft and vandalism.

Satellite Communications Antenna -– The communications antenna mounted at the installed site needs to be appropriately located for best visibility to the open sky. In most cases the included one meter half wave whip antenna mounted at the CIM will meet requirements.

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